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Career at Topbaş Group

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Career at Topbaş Group
What Do We Expect from Our Employees ? As Topbaş Group, we expect our employees to be inquisitive about their own work. We want them to adopt the field they work in and strive for the best in line with their field of expertise by having a perspective beyond the day's expectation. We want them to be fast in production, value environment and people.

What Do We Promise to Our Employees ? We promise a working environment respectful of personal rights, a setting for them to specialize, constructive trainings in the national and international platform. We think more about you career than you do and do not let any employee stay the same as when they arrive.

Working at Topbaş Group, one of the important companies for Turkish Industry as a family makes me proud. We love our company which asks for more and better each day with its innovative structure.
Selda Topbaş

It makes me feel valuable to work in an organization which extends the value that it attaches on people also to its environment. Human relations are more prominent than superior-subordinate relationship in this organization which rewards its employees in various ways.
Bayram Ali Gönül
Machining Operator