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News Detail Besiad Fitting and Businessmen Association
Mustafa Erol: I attended the meeting on behalf of Topbaş Group-Zimaş company. I am one of the latest members of BESİAD. Although we recently entered into the fitting industry, our automotive experience in the sector goes back 26 years.

Among our group companies are companies that have achieved a standing in automotive parts. There is a psychological pressure on Turkey, but we are nevertheless the ones that will dissipate it. We are members of Association of Forging Industry via our company Topçesan that is in automotive industry. We were at the general assembly of Euroforge − European Forgers Association in Turin, Italy 2 months ago. 15 of us who attended the general assembly from Turkey made a plan and everyone tried to explain Turkey to those they could reach. There was a coup attempt and they have questions such as who did it or will it continue. One by one, we cleared up the questions of everyone. As a matter of fact, Alper Kanca now became Euroforge − European Forgers Association's Chairman. (Alper Kanca; Kanca Dövme A.Ş.’s owner and TAYSAD’s Chairman of the Board) We can change their views about us inasmuch as we can find companies to get our point across and to develop relationships with. As Mr. Çetin Tecdelioğlu remarked, as BESİAD, we can change their points of view by carrying out organizations abroad through industrial clustering, and finding the companies and people to get out point across.

I would like to give an example; we established a structure within DOSAB-Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone with 22 companies out of 382 aimed at automotive, and developed a 3 year plan. We will conduct meetings in 10 countries, there will be groups that we will invite from abroad, and the first will arrive from America in May. If we can carry out examples like this, we can improve the industry. We have great opportunities ahead. There is a remark, which Atatürk said after winning the War of Independence: ‘We have gained a victory in the military field but now we have to gain the real victory in the economical field’. Today the access to information has become so easy that I would like to make a comparison with the information that I have obtained from the internet. Surface area of Taiwan is one thirtieth of Turkey, its population is nearly one quarter, but when we look at the numbers from 2015, fittings export is 3,6 billion dollars, and the import is 138 million dollars. As for Turkey, 560 million dollars of import, and 300 million dollars of export. There is almost 30 times difference. If we can express ourselves well, if we can go abroad with good organizations, we can turn this situation around, cut down the import, and increase the export to the levels of 2 billion dollars. It is in our power to remedy these problems, if everyone does their part we can turn this dark outlook around.