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Agricultural Industry

Farmers cannot risk equipment failure during seasonal harvest, which is why ZİMAŞ provides complete reliability in all kinds of chains used in agricultural machinery.

For this reason, work aimed need of agricultural machinery and quipment manufacturers's for reliable chains which can endure the tough conditions and long working terms in the agricultural industry is being done.

ZİMAŞ high power agricultural chains
Zimaş Agricultural Chains manufacture chains in special height and attachment space for all kinds of machinery. We provide special chains for each new agricultural machine, materials appropriate for high performance in order to minimize corrosion and stretching problems and extra power with our heat treatment technology. We serve our customers by pre-loading and 100% quality control in order for the height differences to always stay the same with chains that work in sync in agricultural chains.

Chains are manufactured for combined harvesters, baling machinery, wheat elevator, hoeing machine, silage machines, sowing machinery and grain drills and harvest machinery.