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Our Children Got Together with Their Books Topbaş Group made book donations to selected schools in Bursa with the “Book Chain” project that it ... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/corporate/news/our-children-got-together-with-their-books
School Industry Cooperation Project As part of School Industry Cooperation project, Hürriyet Vocational and Technical Anatolian High Sch... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/corporate/social-responsibility/school-industry-cooperation-project
Topbaş Group Chain of Love Projects As part of Topbaş Group Chain of Love Projects, we reached Yaylabayır Muazzez Keskin Schools in Balı... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/corporate/social-responsibility/topbas-group-chain-of-love-projects
Topbaş Group Family Brings Children in Need with Books Topbaş Group will make book donations to selected schools in Bursa with the “Book Chain” project tha... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/corporate/social-responsibility/topbas-group-family-brings-children-in-need-with-books
Topbaş Group Family Brought Children, Our Tomorrow's Assuran... Topbaş Group, bünyesinde düzenlediği “Kitap Zinciri” projesiyle Bursa’da seçilen okullara kitap bağ... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/corporate/social-responsibility/topbas-group-family-brought-children-our-tomorrows-assurance-with-their-books
We are at Fastener Fair 2018 Turkey At the 4th edition of the fair which will take place on 1-3 March 2018 at Istanbul Expo Centre, we w... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/corporate/news/we-are-at-fastener-fair-2018-turkey
Your Light Won't Fade If You Read We attended the award ceremony of "Your Light Won't Fade If You Read" project at Bursa Sönmez Elemen... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/corporate/social-responsibility/your-light-wont-fade-if-you-read
Annealing, Wire and Bar Drawing Raw materials are subjected to tempering as coil or length bar. https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/annealing-wire-and-bar-drawing
Assembly Heat-treated Links, Bushings, Rollers and Pins are first taken into semi-product storages. https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/assembly
Coating For the purposes of protecting the manufactured products from corrosing, increase their endurance an... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/coating
Controls & Tests ZİMAŞ ZİNCİR Products go through different tests and controls in all stages of manufacturing from ra... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/controls-tests
Heat Treatment In heat treatment, hardening is performed depending on the desired structure and the hardness by pas... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/heat-treatment
Hot & Cold Working After surface finishing (annealing, phosphatizing and rolling) processes are complete, raw materials... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/hot-cold-working
Hot Forging At Topçesan, in 14-Line Maxi Presses in Eumuco-Smeral and Vaccari types with 500 – 2.500 Tons Forgin... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/hot-forging
Input Control Lab. & Raw Material Analysis ZİMAŞ ZİNCİR, depending on the product group and variety to be manufactured, works on Flat Steel, St... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/input-control-lab-raw-material-analysis
Machining We have a modern machining facility which has the capacity to produce finished products after forgin... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/machining
Molding Workshop At ZİMAŞ ZİNCİR, Molds are given their final shape by applying Heat treatment after being processed ... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/molding-workshop
Sorting In order to achieve perfection and provide the automotive industry with defect-free products, our 10... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/competencies/sorting
Agricultural Industry Farmers cannot risk equipment failure during seasonal harvest, which is why ZİMAŞ provides complete ... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/agricultural-industry
Automotive Industry ZİMAŞ is the main supplier of drive and conveyor chains used by leading key industry ( OEM ) and sup... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/automotive-industry
Defense Industry Topçesan is able to create convenient and fast solutions with its R&D and Engineering team in procur... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/defense-industry
Energy ZİMAŞ has an extensive experience in the energy industry. We have been serving in the electricity ge... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/energy
Escalator & Elevator As the leading global manufacturer of conveyor chains, it provides innovative solutions by transferr... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/escalator-elevator
Food & Drink ZİMAŞ offers a wide range of chain designs for the food industry. https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/food-drink
Furniture https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/furniture
Heavy Equipment ZİMAŞ designs and manufactures chains for all kinds of construction machinery such as excavators, lo... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/heavy-equipment
Machine Manufacturing ZİMAŞ is the market leader in standard and special chain manufacturing used in all kinds of machiner... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/machine-manufacturing
Material Handling - Conveyor ZİMAŞ has a wide variety of chain product range for material handling. https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/material-handling-conveyor
Mining Industry ZİMAŞ is manufacturing reliable and durable chains for mining and quarry industry. https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/mining-industry
Molding https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/molding
Other Industries With decades of experience and deep knowledge, we meet the needs of our customers with our chains. https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/other-industries
Railways https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/railways
Steel Construction https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/steel-construction
Steel Industry ZİMAŞ has been developing and manufacturing special conveyor chains for steel, metallurgy and alumin... https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/steel-industry
White Goods https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/white-goods
Wood Industry ZİMAŞ develops and manufactures chains for various application in the wood industry. https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/sectors/wood-industry
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Topçesan Topçesan https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/group-companies/topcesan
Topçesan https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/products/topcesan
ZCF ZCF https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/group-companies/zcf
ZCF https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/products/zcf
Zimaş Zincir Zimaş Zincir https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/group-companies/zimas-zincir
Zimaş Zincir https://www.topbasgroup.com.tr/en/products/zimas-zincir